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Websites design and management, newsletters creation and integration

I created my first website in June 2004, the first of many to come! I combine my knowledge of the world wide web and its langages (HTML, CSS, PHP...) with my graphic skills to create web communication tools such as websites, newsletters, banners and more. I find it very intersting to work in this constantly evolving environnement. As I have good writing skills in French and in English, I can also take care of the editorial content, social media (SMO) and search engine (SEO) optimizations. All of my digital marketing projects begin with an understanding of the business or product it refers to. Web design is not only about creating a good looking website, it is about usability, conversions and an overall experience that engages users with the company or the brand.




Evolving in the world wide web, I had to speak its langages to fully understand it. Little by little, creating websites, newsletters, running a lot of tests on programing softwares (such as Dreamweaver) and learning with online tutorials and specialized press, I began to master those which are, to my mind, the most important ones.


If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough. A. Einstein