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Understanding the digital display market: a glimpse at real-time bidding (RTB)

Display advertising is represented by a wide range of different formats and contains items such as text, images, video, and audio. Real-time bidding refers to the buying and selling of online ad impressions through real-time auctions that occur in the time it takes a webpage to load. Those auctions are often facilitated by ad exchanges or supply-side platforms.

The display ecosystem has developed from direct buying and selling into an increasingly complex environment with data now powering real-time bidding and selling. This video aims to demystify the display landscape.

To go further, see also this infography about the life of an online ad.

Facebook and Twitter are likely to take 33% of display ad spending marketshare by 2017. Also, desktop display advertising has eclipsed search ad buying in 2014, with mobile ad spending to overtake display in 2015.